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A Dance in Between, River City Bangkok, Bangkok, 2021.

Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony performed by an Omotesenke Tea Master, Ueka Souka.

A Dance in Between is a celebration of the in-between state that is often overlooked in the human experience. Playing deliberately with the boundaries of dichotomies, the abstract forms that appear in her paintings hover between inside and outside, movement and stillness, depth and flatness. While moments of liminality could be uncomfortable for many, Hiroko's installation of a Japanese zen garden, Dance Floor, encourages onlookers to interact with the “neither black nor white”, both physically and metaphorically. Growing up familiar with the teachings of Zen, Hiroko Hongyok's practice is inspired by the Japanese aesthetic ideal of “Ma” (間), which is defined as                                 
      “the space between objects, the silence between sounds, the stillness between actions”. 

       ---          The room is suddenly transformed into a quiet space for contemplation as the artist invites viewers to experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony amongst her artworks. The Way of Tea or "Chado” (茶道), is not only seen as a form of art, but also a spiritual practice in itself. Each movement is performed deliberately with meticulous attention to detail — from how one enters the room, where and how one sits, bows, eats, and drinks. The Japanese way of Tea is an honest and captivating expression of “Ma”.


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